Terraria with Vytheros 411:14

Terraria with Vytheros 4


Brian James Ash, also known as Vytheros, is a former member of 100Megabytestogo . He recently left the group for various reasons. He studied at Heritage High School along with other members of the group and has now started studying at West Notts College. His favourite games include Minecraft, Kingdom Hearts and Terraria.


Vytheros had various channels before appearing on our channel, having numerous videos for different games. One of these Channels was Vytheros Plays .


Vytheros was a member of 100Megabytestogo for a long time. During his time in the group, he contributed to our Steam community and also to the group channel. He made four episodes of Terraria and was one of the three active uploaders, along with DerpyShark and JuegoelMarko . He will be greatly missed.


Vytheros continues his work on Youtube videos on an undisclosed channel. He keeps in regular contact with members of the group and gives advice to JuegoelMarko about his channel. He has no regrets of leaving the group.

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