Team Fortress 2 Mann Vs Machine episode 1 part 110:18

Team Fortress 2 Mann Vs Machine episode 1 part 1

The 1st TF2 video uploaded


Team Fortress 2 is a game on 100Megabytestogo played freguently by DerpyShark and Andyw386, so frequently that Derpyshark has clocked over 502 hours and Andyw386 has Clocked over 700 hours. (which is funny as Derpyshark has been playing the game for longer) Though only these two have played this game on camera, it is a popular choice amongst most members, such as Skurm333 Red Dwarf.


Team Fortress 2 with DerpyShark

Includes Mann Vs Machine and Dueling and planned to come is an item guide by Derpyshark with possibility of an appearance by Andyw386.

Andyw386 is featured in these videos.

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