Mack Jack The Pirate (Alex Howarth) Is not even really a member of 100MBTG however decided that he deserved to have a page,  since he was mentioned in the list of people, 'What do i stick in there' said liam as i am writing this, thought it would be fun to add that, anyway.

  1. SlapThatButt was founded by MJTP during a drunken one night stand with destiny, since then, with a team of useless noobs behind him, he has the lead the charge on the left for dead community with the famous war cry "#SlapThatButt", to do this you simply change your spray to the dreaded SlapThatButt Tag and change your steam name to #SlapThatButt.
  2. Founder of Obsquidian Inc. and current Joint CEO and lord ruler above all else, he has the last say on everything that occurs in anything that is done in games ever, backed by Brandon and Denny, his loyal cronies, he can pretty much do whatever the fuck he wants. /gamemode c /Kill Fessay. Lel.
  3. Current BFF With Jesse Cox, after meeting him at local gaming get together at a well renowned establishary, He goes to visit him on weekends when not busy to chat and talk about the good old days, some times brandon comes along to and we have a riviting game of Badminton.

Other NamesEdit

Mack Jack The Pirate has been known by many names such as:

Swaggykins McLongsausage, Darkonman, Reginald D Class, Sizzlin Jimmy Sticks, Your Mothers Lover, Best (insert role here) EU and The Masked Villain of the Cola Bottle Caper.

Memoerable QuotesEdit

MJTP (Thats Mack Jack The Pirate For All You Invalids): How Much Sand Are We Making?

Liam: MEE!

MJTP: Spent 38 Years In The Slamma Hoes, But 38 Years Goes Fast When Your're Slammin Hoes, Hoes, Hoes, Zip Thud, Break-In So Many Virgins Ima Swimmin In Blood.

MJTP: Im mining And i Need wood bad.

Brandon: Can You Find An Abandoned mineshft?

MJTP: Oh Snappers Son, Im In One!

2013-07-01 18.14.34

First horse riding lesson

  MJTP: Bring Bring Bring Bring

Darkonman Was Shot By Darkonman

MJTP: Shit

Anyone: That Was uncalled for

MJTP: So was your birth.

"someone Dies"


MJTP: Ever wonder how amish people live their lives (Cue 2 hour conversation about amish people)

MJTP: *Welds Door Shut*


Wesley: Can i come on the server?


Wesley: Please?

MJTP: ugh Fine.

"10 minutes later"

MJTP: Wes, what are you doing at the jungle map?

Wesley: Nothing

MJTP: Why is this on fire, the fuck, WESLEY WHAT THE FUCK

Daniel: We need to win this game.

MJTP: K, Il go tryndamere

MJTP: Joe, tank it, tank it, JOE!

Joe: Whoah, look at this, im flying, this is some crazy shit.

Glockenspeal: dude where the fuck are you

MJTP: guess

Glockenspeal was slain by darkonman

Glockenspeal:... YOU MOTHERFUCKER

MJTP: ok i'll run you through these but if a legendary drops, IT'S MINE

Fessay: that is bullshit

Bill Vice: well you just havn't payed the dues

Colonel Pokey: i've payed mah dues, can i roll

MJTP:NO i've been playing longer than all a yall

Glockenspeal:i'd say it's between me and alex as we've ben playing since BC


Loot has changed to Master Looter

MJTP: You Know what daniel, you can just sit in the corner and make a house there

Daniel: Theres no room for a house here.

MJTP: It can be your pleasure palace:

Daniel: Fine, it will be, and it will be grand

"10 Minutes Later"

Daniel: Welcome to my domain

MJTP: The fuck is this shit.

Glockenspeal: i feel like this game was one sided

Joel: just a bit

MJTP: well, it was fair, until we found out we had toby

Daniel: toby is the biggest handicap

Glockenspeal: you just gotta keep him on a leash

Joe: hasn't he lived like that his entire life?

Everyone:*Burst into heavy laughter*