Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom episode 4

Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom episode 4

Some of this sharks finest work

This article is about the member whos current alias is Glokenspeal, for the channel with this name, see Glockenspeal(Channel). For other of Uses, see Glockenspeal(disambiguation).

William Harrison, also known as DerpyShark, Glockenspeal, and occasionally WindyShrimp , is the founder of 100Megabytestogo and creates youtube videos for both the group channel and his own. Will studied at Heritage High School along with other members of 100Megabytestogo. He enjoys games like Team Fortress 2 , Portal, Minecraft, Left for Dead and is an avid fan of old school shooters such as the Unreal Tournament games which he claims he has been playing since the age of 6-7.

To be 100% clear the Derpyest of Sharks has announced he WILL be continueing to create videos, starting by finishing off the BAttle For Bikini Bottem Seris. His semi series known as excuses is to be in no form taken seriously, as the name suggests it is basically his way of saying, "i'm still here but stuff happens also i'm lazy"


Will started making videos on Glockenspeal 2 years ago. He hasn't uploaded in recent years. His most popular video had a total of 151 views. His channel currently has 9 subscribers.


Will founded our group and channel, and is known as DerpyShark in his videos and profile. He started making Team Fortress 2 which also featured Andyw386  as a second player. He has since made Spongebob videos by popular demand from other megabyters. This became the most viewed video on the channel. He is one 3 members who regularly uploaded series, along with SitarMasterIX (now known as JuegoelMarko) and former member Vytheros . His alias is now returned to one of his origional usernames Glockenspeal.

Glockenspeal is also knwon as "Pro Zilean 2013" for his abilities to AP zilean support.