Bill_Vice (Brandon Shaw) is the best member of 100Mb2go that exists. Brandon is the clearly the best gamer the group has especially when it comes to LoL. Brandon's skills as Amumu and Miss Fortune are immense and nobody can escape his dreaded signature move "The recall". Despite his amazing skill he never intends to or will upload any videos.

Joint founder of Obsquidian inc (Along with Alex Howarth) our company can be found on literally, a small handful of tekkit servers. However, on the few we are on, we are powerful, and impenetrable. As Alex is the only competent member of Obsquidian, Brandon is in charge of decoration and being loud - shouting orders to the lesser members (Liam, Fessey, Toby etc.) and creating wonderful pixel art and flower arrangements. Creator of "The Slug".

Quotes and thoughts from the master himselfEdit

Alex: How much sand are we making?

Liam: MEEE!

- Liam Gibbs and Alex Howarth 2013 (Minecraft)

Does this look like the face of mercy?

-Swaggykins Mclongsausage (Jedi Academy)

  • beeping noises*
  • Giggles*


  • Hysterical laughter*

- Liam Gibbs (Killing Floor)



Alex: Potato

Brandon: Potato

Alex: Potato

Brandon: Potato potato

Alex: Potato Potato Potato

Liam: SHUT UP!

- The 3 Musketeers (Minecraft)

Alex: You can have my cabages

Brandon: CABAGES?


- Alex and Brandon (WoW)

Anyone: So me and//

Brandon:               //Ahem

Anyone: So [person] and I....

- Grammar Nazi 5000 (Every waking moment)

Daniel: So I was reading into it the other day and Satanism isn't all that bad.

Brandon: Yeah, it teaches individuality, but I suppose it can be difficult to brush aside the many babies that were slaughtered in the name of the devil

- MesseyFessey and Bill_PutDown (Skype)



Amumu about to show off his signature move - The recall

- Alex (Netherthorpe)

Guys Just REcall

- Brandon (LoL)

There is no Alex only CAGOULE 

- Alex (pitching a tent)

Brandon: Joules per second!

Liam: What?

Brandon: Exactly

- Liam and Brandon (Physics 4 life)

When i've finished my mouthfull i'm going to explain something

- Toby 10th June 2013 15:30 (Fun with Boris)

Brandon: I think I smell dog *Alex makes noise*

Alex: I cannot be seen for I am hiddens in the corner!

- Brandon and Alex (WoW)

Daniel: Brandon, I think you'd make a good Eponine

Brandon: *Orgasms* Thank you

- Daniel and Brandon (2 tru tho)

Help my eye are hurt!

- Denny (Minecraft)

You're like bread... dry and in need of a filling

- Alex (possibly the best sentence ever compiled)

Literary CareerEdit

Brandon has completed an AS level in English literature. After completing this Brandon decided to pursue the possibility of writing as a career. Brandon writes all manner of things including poems, scripts, and novels (notice the oxford comma). Some poems and script/novel ideas will now be shared.

  • The life of a chocolate orange - a period drama
  • Rubadub dub two dudes in a tub? - A romantic tale of a night gone wrong in Thailand
  • Theory test success - A gripping novel of one boys tale about earning his license
  • One foot and a spade in the grave - Slightly less entertaining series about grave digging

A dialogue on the importance of the oxford comma (taken from tumblr)

Mum: You realise normal people don't have such strong feelings about the oxford comma


Me: I had a party with the strippers, George Bush and Barack Obama

Me: I had a party with the strippers, George Bush, and Barack Obama

Me: Without the comma you are implying that George Bush and Barack Obama are strippers

Mum: This isn't normal.