Excuses 2

Excuses 2

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100Megabytestogo is a UK gaming network comprised of 11 members. The Group currently has a Youtube channel and a facebook Page. We play a variety of games on our channel so check them out:

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Current MembersEdit

Glokenspeal - Founder & President

JuegoelMarko - Wiki Director

Colonel Pokey - Chunder Cheeks

Skurm333 red dwarf - Technician

tomtomtraffic98 - Group Co-ordinator


Bill_Vice - best person ever

Reginald D Class - other best person ever

Former MembersEdit


Dean Streptococcus

If anyone knows any other please help by expanding it

Day one members which havn't really done anythingEdit

Bill Vice - Best person ever

Reginald D Class - Grand Master Swag G


Odin - Odincraft


Steam Group Page -

Facebook -

Twitter Page may be created in the near future